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Making big ticket items affordable with low monthly payment plans.

Making big ticket items affordable with low monthly payment plans.

Merchant Faqs

How do I see transactions?

You can login to the MDG Financial Merchant portal, to view your payment history.

How can I sign my business up?

If you are an ecommerce business that does $500,000K in revenue a year,you can sign up for a merchant account with us.Just fill out the Contact Us form.

What's the cost?

There is no cost to you as the ecommerce merchant. Unlike credit card processing fees, MDG Financial doesn't charge the merchants to use our consumer financing programs.

What's the risk?

For ecommerce merchants there isn't any risk. MDG Financial bears all the risk on your approved customers. You get paid upfront.

What's the average approval rate for a line of credit?

The average approval rate is around 80%. That's an additional lift to your conversions and your revenue by offerig consumer financing to your customers.

How long does it take before I get Paid?

Once your customers have signed the required documents and the verification checks have been completed, the total amount will be transferred to your account.This may take up to 7 business days.

What about changes/Refunds?

Returns and refunds are subject to your store's policies. MDG Financial will process a refund to your customer based on your directions. For more info, please refer to the terms and conditions.

Is my customers' information private?

Yes. We do not sell or share the information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more info.

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