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Affordable and flexible payment plans - helping you buy the things you want at competitive rates.

Affordable and flexible payment plans - helping you buy the things you want at competitive rates.

Customer Faqs

How will I know If I was approved?

You could know within seconds how much you were pre-qualified for? It's fast and easy. As well, if you have any questions you could always contact our Customer Service Team.

How much credit could I get?

The credit threshold would be dependent on the merchant. However, in most cases you could get up to $3200 in line of credit, depending on your income and credit history.

What documents will I need to provide?

The documents will be determined by the ecommerce merchant you choose to purchase from. A merchant may ask you to provide a Photo ID, Bank Statement and Proof of Address.

What payment plans are available?

The payment plans are flexible. It's based around your scedule. You can choose to make payments on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. If you decide you want to pay off the balance early, you can do it without incurring any penalties.

How Long is my approved credit good for?

It's advised to use your available credit immediately within a few days of your approval. Your approval amount is based on a point in time snap shot of your credit score.

Do you perform a credit check on me when I apply?

Yes. Just like all forms of credit application, a credit verification check is made through national credit bureaus at the time of your application.

Do you offer credit monitoring?

Yes as a value-add, we provide you with a free credit monitoring program which you can acceess through your MDG Financial portal. It doesn't affect your credit. Soft inquires are made so you can see your credit progress

How are payments made?

Upon credit approval, you will set up your banking infomration, payment freequency and payment amounts. This will automatically be deducated from your account based on the schedule you picked.

Can I pay off my balance early?

You can pay off your balance at anytime without any penalties.